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What signs do I need for my wedding?

What signs do I need for my wedding?

When I was 15, I almost got stranded in New York City with my family. 
Combine four tourists and a brand new NYC taxi driver (who kept lying about knowing where he was going - this was before the age of phones with GPS)…and you get four people chasing down a bus, running into traffic, and through a miracle, getting to board the bus from NYC back to Virginia. 
That walk into the bus was BRUUUUUUTTAALL. Imagine 50 pairs of eyes staring into your soul, so annoyed that the bus had to stop just to let you on. 
Phew, I still get nightmares thinking about that day!
Sometimes, tackling day-of details can make you feel like this — lost, with no clear roadmap of how to start, where to go, and how to finish. Like, “How can I just bring this PInterest board to life?!” 
I don't want you “chasing a bus” at the very last minute to figure it all out….
So. If you've ever felt that way, today's blog is just for you. 
Today you'll learn:
  1. What signs you really need for your wedding day

  2. 3 ways signage can work for you

  3. Which pieces to invest in and keep giving after the big day!

There's a handy acronym we like to use for all your day-of goods: DAI.
It's easy to remember for your day-of..get it? "DAI-OF?" 😂😅


These signs direct + describe. There's a lot of moving parts on your wedding day. Directional signs will usher your guests to the proper areas, at the proper time. They'll also help to describe details around your reception party.

Photo + Design by: A Modern Wedding
  • Welcome Sign
  • Direction Signs for wedding ceremony, reception, restroom, lawn games, etc.
  • Seating Chart
  • Escort Cards
  • Placecards
  • Menus
  • Table Numbers
  • Cards + Gifts
  • Food + Dessert Labels
  • Bar menu


These pieces set the mood—whether you want to give guests a good chuckle with something hilarious, or fill the night with romance and whimsical flavor, these will set the tone.
Banner: Velvet and Gold, Floral: Pulflower
  • Signage with cute quotes (song lyrics/bible verses / poems)
  • Here comes the bride (walking down the aisle)
  • Mr. & Mrs. (hanging behind your sweetheart table chairs)
  • Neon signs with your initials, or new last name

I is for Invite

These signs encourage action for your guests. You're inviting them to do something: Take a favor, capture the moment, Tag us in photos— You get the idea.
  • Guestbook (please sign)
  • Hashtag (tag us)
  • Photobooth (capture the moment)
  • Favor sign (take one)
  • Unplugged Sign (please put away phones)

Our opinion?

Directional signs are an absolute must-have and worth investing in. Without it, your guests would be lost (literally).
These are perfect for becoming "statement pieces," and many times, our couples have brought home signage (like welcome signs/seating charts) to frame as a keepsake. 
Designs that pull double-duty
If you plan on expanding your family post weding, table numbers can be repurposed as month markers for baby milestones, and guests will usually take home your placecards as souvenirs. These pieces of stationery really do keep on giving!
Today, you learned about the essential signage for your wedding day, which pieces are really worth investing in, and what functions your wedding signage can serve.

If you want a customized roadmap that covers even MORE of your stationery needs, check out our Plug-and-Play Wedding Stationery Calculator

It features:

  • A full checklist of ALL the stationery you'll need from engagement through post wedding season
  • Custom timeline generator (just plug in your wedding date and you'll get concrete dates of when to design/send everything out by!)
  • Timeline tracker
  • Vendor trackers
To not getting lost, 
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